Drop-down menu in OJS 3

Hello everyone, I would like to tell me how to make a drop-down menu as the default brings the instalation of OJS: About.
I’ve read a little here and I could add new menus via Settings> Website> Navigation menu but I do not know how to make a drop down menu. I’m using OJS 3.1.2

Could someone help me?

Hi @yusmelvis,

It is just the same as adding any other items, except to move the subitem a bit to right - that will make this item as a subitem of the menu. Note on the image the red arrows:

Regards, Primoz

I understand, but in that case, how do I make the parent node? What should I select in the navigation menu type so that the parent does not have a link to another page? Look at the image …

Hi @yusmelvis,

A, that is the problem. Just select custom page and leave it empty.

Regards, Primož

ok, I did it and it worked.
Once again thanks to you @primozs
Thank you!!