Drag & drop in submission doesn't work correctly?

Hi all,

we migrated a very large journal (with PDF- HTML- and image-files) to version 3.1.1-2. As a lot of files are deposited I tried the drag & drop function for the first time, but although I drag e.g. 5 images into the drag & drop window only 4 images are actually uploaded in the end. It is always one file missing, see this example:

step 1: I deposit the article (text file), which works fine with drag & drop:

step 2: I don’t finish the submission, but “add more files” (5 image files):

step 3: I get a message, that there might be a duplicate, although there isn’t:

step 4: I choose “choose file (to keep history)” and continue:

step 5: after finishing this submission unfortunately one image file is missing:

Upload each image file “singular” works fine.
Is this a bug or a feature?


Hi all,

sorry to ask again, but can anybody reproduce this problem?
the short summary: when I submit a new article and pull several images at once into the drag & drop field not all images are saved. It is always one image missing.