Downloads and views not displaying

Hello, maybe you know how to figure it out what is the reason that statistics do not display downloads and views of any article? In Statistics - Articles says: “No articles were found with usage statistics matching these parameters.” Maybe the Counter plugin conflicts with UsageStatistics? (I’m sorry if I wrote to the wrong forum thread)

Hi @burevuh23,

Probably best to discuss this in a new post - which I’ve created. Can you please indicate your OJS version number (e.g. 3.3.0-8)?

PKP Team

Hello! I am very glad that you answered! Current version OJS:

Did you enable scheduled tasks as described here?

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I tried to create scheduled tasks in Cron but it sends an error: “PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare geoip_country_code_by_name_v6() in /home/a0587296/domains/ on line 429”

It seems that updating geoip can help, but I can’t update it because my site is located on a virtual server, where there are other users whom updating geoip can interfere with. Maybe i can do without determining the location and then geoip will not be needed?

I solved (maybe?) this problem this problem by wrapping functions in that could not be redeclare in the construction
“if(!function_exists(’’)) {
Php cron stopped sending me errors. Then I manually dragged all logs (except for the current day) from usageEventLogs to stage and ran in cron "/usr/local/bin/php/home/a0587296/domains/ /home/a0587296/domains/ ".
After that, the statistics started to be displayed. I’m not sure if the ojs will drag these logs automatically, I’ll check.

Well, in general it works, but I have to manually drag files from the folder. Does anyone know how to set up the automatic operation of the UsageStats plugin?