Download PDF Problem with Safari on Mac, iphone and ipad


We are using OJS
Using SSL, we cant download PDF (galley) using Safari (version 14.0) on Mac, iphone, and ipad. Plus we also cant download it using Chrome on iphone.
But, strange thing is… we can download it using Chrome on Mac, and on Windows.

This is one example

The download seems to stop, before completed.
But this only happen on https… if ssl off, then the problem disappeard.

This is the error. It’s on Safari Mac, iphone and ipad, also on Chrome iphone and ipad.
But Chrome on Mac has no problem showing and downloading.

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 08.06.37

When we download the file using Safari on Mac, it stopped before it completed. We have tried from different workstation, and different network.


Can anyone help… much appreciated, thanks

Hello @billywagey,

This seems related to this issue:

Unfortunately it looks there is not much that can be done about the issue right now. Sorry for the bad news :frowning:

Hello @EmmaU

Thanks for replying.

Somehow i think it doesnt directly related to PDFjs, because of a few reason:

  1. Even without PDFjs plugin enabled, Safari on Mac still can not download the pdf/docx (galley) files. It just stopped downloading before the end of file is sent. So, for example only 227 KB out of 244 KB.

  2. Safari on Mac can show and download the PDF files, if it’s in non ssl mode… so the problem only occurs in https mode.

  3. Inspecting the network tab in developer tools/function on Safari, i think the problem is not because of PDFjs, but because the download link that is called by PDFjs plugin is not sending all the data (not completed).

So, i think the basic problem is, with ssl on, Safari on Mac, iphone, ipad is not receiving the PDF completely. This also happen on Chrome on iphone/ipad. But it works normal on Chrome on Windows, Chrome on Mac.

Hmm, not sure what’s happening here. Let’s focus on debugging the download itself. Here’s the direct link to the file that will prompt a download link:

You can use the following to test the browser’s default PDF inline viewer:

Can you confirm that these links work using Chrome on Mac/Windows? And can you confirm that these links do not work on Safari/iOS? And then confirm that changing https to http fixes the downloads on Safari/iOS? Lastly, can you confirm that the file download size for the file downloaded at the link at the top is indeed different depending on the device?

If all those things are confirmed, then we can probably focus specifically on the server configuration and request/response headers.