Download magazine pdf error

I’m trying to download the magazine in pdf, but when I click to download it, it opens a new blank tab and doesn’t download.

Hello @torres987,

Can you please indicate your OJS version (e.g. 3.3.0-11) and include this in future posts? This assists with troubleshooting. From the sound of your issues, one thing that might be occurring here is that the pdf.js plugin is not enabled (which displays the PDF in the browser). Perhaps you could try checking that it is installed and enabled?

PKP Team

Thanks in advance for your feedback. I activated the plugin and the error appeared “PDF.js v1.0.907 (build: e9072ac)
Message: stream must have data”

Referring version is

Hi @torres987,

Hmmm… the version of OJS that you’re using is no longer supported by PKP. I recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of OJS, as it is possible that your issue will be resolved by upgrading. However, that’s not guaranteed, but it might address the issue. Is this happening for all of your articles or just particular ones?

For upgrading, upgrading instructions are available in the PKP Administrator’s Guide and as part of our [Upgrade Guide] (

Information about the latest version of OJS can be found on the PKP Website

PKP Team

Thanks for your attention, I installed the latest version and it solved it, but it has the possibility to migrate the data that would be the users, the magazines, among others, because I had to change servers, I tried using the xml, but I couldn’t, there is another way ?

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