Doubt about OJS migration

Hey everyone,

We are migrating the Eclética Química Journal from one server to another and we are experiencing some difficulties. This is the message from the technical team. Do you know how to help them?

We have two servers with OJS (both with version and we need to move the journal from one to the other in this format:

Server 1 with journal A (which will be deactivated).
Server 2 with magazines B, C, D.

What we want is to migrate the magazine A completely to server 2, leaving only server 2 with the magazines A, B, C, D.

We need, as far as possible, to migrate even the articles that are under review.

We have downloaded three files available at Database, Files and Code. But we cannot find a place to upload them to the new server.

Is it possible to do this?
What would be the least complex way to do this, please?

Thanks in advance.

Gustavo M. de Souza
Editorial Manager

Hi @GustavoMS

I think I already answered this question, posted by perhaps your colleague, here:

in short, it’s not possible to “merge” two OJS installations together. But I’ve already gone into detail about this in the link above.