Domain without index.php/journal in OPS

Hi, I’ve tried various forum options to remove the index.php/journal extension from the domain in OPS 3.3.0-13, but it didn’t work. I have followed prompts for OJS using .htaccess. On the other hand, I don’t see the option to redirect when there is only one server in OPS.
How do I remove index.php/journal in OPS 3.3.0-13?

Hi @Ppantaleo

Have you tried OJS approach to remove index.php from the URL path?


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Hi @israel.cefrin, it worked. Now it remains: how do I remove the /journal? I only have one server and I want to keep Thank you.

Hi @Ppantaleo

My apologies for this belated answer. It was stucked behind a high influx of messages. Did you get to remove the /journal from your URL? It seems that OJS is installed under a folder name “journal”, is that the issue?


Hello, thank you for your reply. No. I have managed to delete index.php but it still shows the server extension or journal created. It follows the normal URL format. Now, when entering instead of redirecting to, it redirects to I would like it to stay at (without /ops) since I have only one server in the installation. The installation is in public_html, root directory.