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Dear All,
I have recently installed OMP 3.3. I found the DOI plugin for assignment, but I couldn’t find anything about exporting and registering DOIs.

For example nothing in the import/export tool section of the OMP documentation .

I have seen that @ajnyga have made a plugin to register CrossRef and DataCite DOIs that work on OMP 3.2 : on github and this post

Are there any plans to include a solution for exporting and registering DOIs starting from OMP 3.3 ?

Also, where can we see the planned development of the OMP ? (It looks like that OMP is missing in the the roadmap)

Hi @mlarrieu,

DOIs for OMP are still in the works. My understanding is that a drawback to this presently is that there is no Crossref plugin currently for OMP. As noted, @ajnyga is working on one, but it is not yet completed - and may be contingent on some more recent development that our team has been doing in version 3.4 (as I note below) .

With respect to the roadmap. OJS/OMP/OPS share a common codebase thatis about 90% the same between all 3 applications. And then there are variations in the specific products that account for the other 10%. The Roadmap applies broadly to all three software packages, and there are Github issues that are linked to from within the Roadmap that might relate more to a specific package.

There is some work going on in this regard in 3.4, some of which relates to OMP needing to have chapter landing pages:

So, I suspect there will be a lot more better support for OMP starting in version 3.4

PKP Team

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The Crossref plugin I made is very basic. I will upgrade it soon to support 3.3 because we are upgrading our own server to 3.3. However, the reason why the plugin is so simple is that PKP has been working on a larger overhaul of DOI functionality in OxS. So instead of spending a lot of time to make the plugin better, I decided to wait. It is lacking things like automatic registration etc.

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Thanks @ajnyga! That makes good sense to wait and see what unfolds with DOI functionality.


Thank you for your feedback Roger & Ajnyga, it really helps !
It looks like we will work with your plugin @ajnyga (with a manual export for CrossRef registration) and wait for the new features for DOIs in OMP 3.4. My colleague has started to update your plugin and now it works for OMP 3.3. There is still some work to do to share the code, but we will get back to you once it is done.

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