DOI validation error: license_ref

Dear PKP,

i have developed an ejournal using the OJS version. I have managed to export my crossref file, but when I checked with doi xml parser, it gave me the following error.

[Error] :2:7346: cvc-pattern-valid: Value ‘’ is not facet-valid with respect to pattern ‘([hH][tT][tT][pP]|[hH][tT][tT][pP][sS]|[fF][tT][pP])://.*’ for type ‘license_ref_t’.
[Error] :2:7346: cvc-complex-type.2.2: Element ‘ai:license_ref’ must have no element [children], and the value must be valid.

I have check the xml file, and I found this following lines:

-<ai:program name="AccessIndicators">

I could not find any setting or plugin where I can change the value for ia:license_ref.
I have tried to check the cc license script that I have added in the page footer, but nothing’s there.

Could anybody help me?

Daniel Siahaan

This the the “License URL” in the “Permissions” section under the Article’s “Edit Metadata” operation.

The URL should have a protocol prefix, such as http:// https:// or ftp://.

Consider using an appropriate URL to a Creative Commons license, or to a link from