DOI URL reference for Scholarly Exchange Hosted Open Journal Systems


I am in the process of implementing DOI’s for each of our articles within our Scholarly Exchange hosted journal. However, in starting this process, I’ve noticed that our hosted version of OJS ( doesn’t adhere to the current DOI URL structure required by Cross Ref (our DOI provider).

For instance,

DOI’s in this OJS version are current expressed as follows:


Latest Cross Ref DOI URL structure is:


Note the use of Secure Server ‘https’ and removal of ‘dx’.

I note that there is a forum post that suggests upgrading to the latest version 3 of OJS to address this problem. However, this is not something under our control.

Could you advise if this is something that can be fixed within our current version via the backend?

I’d also be really interested to know more about Scholarly Exchanges’ policy for updating its OJS hosting to the latest version. Is there a planned schedule for this?



Kindly update to the latest ojs 3.1. The latest version adheres to the new doi links.

In OJS 2.x, this recommended change for DOI Display Guidelines is queued against 2.4.9:

For the Scholarly Exchange hosting service, we will plan an update to OJS 2.4.8-2+, which will address the issue before the 2.4.9 release.

I’ll raise the question internally regarding the adoption of the 3.x line of now that 3.1 puts us almost at parity with the features of the 2.x. I don’t expect a quick transition, but I do think this recent release will encourage the conversation.