DOI settings for Plumx by error retrieving data


I find myself supporting an ojs site, where Plumx is installed and it works correctly when the doi is based on index 1 articles, but when placing new articles with index 2, Plumx returns an error, therefore I would like to know if the plugin settings can be re-indexed or rebooted to allow the use of any existing doi.

Plumx is not found in generic plugins, but is built into the site.

What version of OJS are you using, and how specifically have you integrated PlumX?

What is the distinction between index 1 and index 2? Is it different journals, issues, or base_urls?


Thanks for answering.
The ojs version is, the PlumX code was not integrated by us, but it was found on the site with the url and in the code it is only

The difference between one article and another is the number, since regardless of the volume 1,2,3 if the number is 1, it works but otherwise it sends an error.

For example, I attach a link to an article that gives an error PlumX

I attach a correct link.

The DOI 10.29314/mlser.v2i2.65 does not resolve. See:

It is probably not registered. How are you registering your DOIs? You’ll want to check on the relevant plugin settings or DOI provider.

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Thank you very much for your reply,

Actually now, I am waiting for the external resource to tell me if the dois registration was correct. Again thank you very much.