DOI registration with Crossref plugin stopped to work in ojs


We are using an OJS platform.

I just observed that registering DOI via the Crossref plugin does not work anymore.
Practically, selecting the article to be registered and then pressing the “Register” button has no consequences; the list of the articles disappear (before was remaining) and the menu before the list (the one entitled CrossRef Export/Registration Plugin) appears instead.

No registration occur, the submission does not appear o the Crossref list of waiting submitted jobs (queue). The DOI does not appear as registered if waiting for a while.

There is an error generated on the error log:

AH01215: NOTICE: Use of undefined constant Register - assumed ‘Register’ (…plugins/importexport/crossref/classes/ : assert code:1), referer: …manager/importexport/plugin/CrossRefExportPlugin/all

The XML can be generated from the plugin and after loading it in the Crossref account is accepted without any problem.

question: Is it possible to fix this issue, if possible without updating the OJS platform (an update of the Crossref plugin, etc)?

Thank you very much.

Hi @nepos

Same happens to me this week with one of the 3 journals I still need to move to OJS 3.
I didn’t dig much into this, but you have to keep in mind that ojs 2.4 is really old so it’s normal things top working from one day to the next.

My workaround with this is downloading the xml and upload manually with the crossRef upgrade form.

But as said, please take in consideration that OJS 2.x is not supported any more by PKP so my recommendation is upgrade to OJS 3 as soon as possible.


C.f.: CrossRef plugin submission failure - #12 by Bryan_Vickery for resolution in 2.x for now.

But, also, be sure to upgrade OJS soon!