DOI registration problem

I have problem with DOI registration. I have used OJS Plugins on OJS 3.0.2. It shows submitted but until now no any DOI registrations after 24 hours.

Could you help me?

Hi @premolar

Could you try to use the button “Check status” – if this changes/updates the status? – The status is only automatically updated if the automatic registration/deposit option in the plugin settings is set – using a Cron job or Acron plugin. Else, the user needs to check/update the status manually.
If the status does not change so, you could take a deposited DOI and call this URL (you will need Crossref user name and password):{url_encoded_doi}
There you will see all the deposit attempts for that DOI and the status of the last deposit attempt (which is also displayed in OJS). Is the status there also “Submitted”? If you do not find the right information, you can send the response to me and I can take a look.
Else, could you please ask Crossref support? – Please mention that you are using OJS, which uses the Crossref deposit API for the DOI registration/deposit and status check. – It happens some times that there are some problems with the Crossref deposit API.