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I am running OJS 3.3.6. I use the CrossRef Plugin for DOI registration. I recently published an article for which one of the authors listed was a consortium group. The DOI would not register and I was told by CrossRef that this is the reason and that I should add the consortium as an “organization” rather than a person.

However, I do not see a way to distinguish between a person vs an organization when inputting authors. Could someone advise?

Thanks very much!

doi error 460_2021-11-05 at 5.15.41 PM
Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 2.48.10 PM
Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 2.58.37 PM

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Hi @hxo82,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately OJS does not currently have an option to input an organization as an author in the metadata fields for a submission.

In order to successfully register the DOIs with CrossRef, you will need to download the XML for the relevant articles, change the < person_name > tags to < organization >, and manually upload this corrected XML to CrossRef.

You can do this by visiting the CrossRef XML Export Plugin in the journal, selecting the articles that had the DOI deposit failure in the “Articles” tab, and clicking “Download XML.” You can then edit the XML so that the contents of the < contributor > tab looks like this:

< contributors >
< organization contributor_role=“author” sequence=“first” language=“en” >Organization Name< /organization >
< /contributors >

If all of the articles have the same organization as author, you can do a search-and-replace to simplify this steps.

Finally, you can login to the CrossRef website with your credentials and manually upload the corrected XML file.

You can also run the XML through CrossRef’s Metadata Quality Check to look for any errors before you submit.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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Thanks very much! This may be something to add to a future update? All my best!

Hi @hxo82,

Thanks for your suggestion. Other users have requested this change and there is an open issue for it in PKP’s Github repository, where we manage and track our software development. Please feel free to add a comment to the issue with more information about what you want and to let our developers know this is a community priority. You just need to create a free Github account in order to comment on issues or create new issues.



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