Doi preview compared to final doi

For the first time I’ve observed the following:

Several of our journals print the doi that can be found by choosing Future Issues > Table of Contents > Preview Issue > Article in their print edition
But now I become uncertain if they can use that method. How safe is it to print the preview doi in the print edition? Is it only under very special circumstances that the final doi won’t be consistent with the one you find under preview?
Niels Erik

Hi @nef

The DOI preview on the article page Future Issues > Table of Contents > Preview Issue > Article is the same as the one on the article metadata form (the screenshot above). Thus, yes, they can use that method.
Just if a variable used in the DOI suffix changes, e.g. issue, the final/published DOI will differ from the preview. Else, if everything stays the same, the same journal abbreviation, the same issue volume and number, and the same article ID, then the published DOI will be the same. Those previews are meant for that – for editors to be able to insert the DOI in the galley files before publishing, if necessary – but they should be aware how it works…


Thank you very much Bozana