DOI Plugin settings - what is the difference between 'article' and 'galley'?

I am working with ojs We are about to publish our first issue and I have a question that I hope others can answer.

The DOI plugin has radio buttons for the content to index. What is the difference between ‘article’ and ‘galley’?

Thanks in advance.

Article means basically a DOI that points to the article abstract page. Crossref uses the term “landing page” and that is where DOIs should usually point to.

Galley means and individual file attached to the article. Usually you have one file there, which is the article full text pdf file. But you could have for example supplementary files like figures or data sheets etc. I think that the current Crossref plugin does not support registering these kinds of DOIs, only the article type. @bozana knows.

Thank you so much. This is very helpful…

Regarding the current plugin support. It appears that I have the option of selecting the galleys, as shown in the image above. It also suggest default patterns for galleys. Do you think that the plugin allows me to choose it but will not be indexing it?

The reason I ask is that CrossRef charges by the individual DOI. We do not want to imagine and pay for the galley registration if this will not be linked.

The DOI plugin and Crossref plugin are two different things in OJS. The above is from the DOI plugin. So you can create DOIs for the galley files in OJS, but I am not sure if you can register them with Crossref using the Crossref plugin in OJS.

I think that most journals just use the article level DOIs.

Oh Thank you! That is an important distinction. This helps a lot.

Hi all, yes, @ajnyga is correct – except Crossref, OJS supports also DataCite and mEDRA which treat the objects (articles and galleys) differently, thus the DOI plugin is generic and supports everything, but one has to know how to configure it when using it with Crossref.
When using Crossref, DOIs should be assigned to articles. Additionally they can be assigned to issues and galleys. Everything (also issues and galleys DOIs) will be registered with Crossref together with the article DOIs, as part of the article DOI metadata. Thus, the issue and galleys DOIs are marginal in that case, so maybe no need to use them. Also, we currently have no solution for issue and galley DOIs display for readers – this will improve in the future.


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