DOI Number is not working

Dear Friends
“The World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues” all DOI numbers are not working.
The Journal URL: Archives | World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues
When we make a transaction to obtain a DOI number for the articles in our Vol. 12 No. 3 (2020): July | World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues ( journal, the following below message is received and no action is taken.
We talked to the server technicians that we got service, they said that the problem was caused by the DOI server. Not open…

The Crossref technician wrote to below message
In the first message, he requested the IP number. I sent him and that he wrote to below message.
“That IP address has not been blocked by Crossref. I believe the error has something to do with the configuration of your OJS and your OJS-Crossref plugin. There are several posts on the PKP/OJS forum that mention the same type of error message”.

Please help me…

Hi @huseyin_u,

Can you provide us with your specific OJS version number (e.g. 3.2.1) and the version of the Crossref plugin that you’re using, please?

Did you try searching the forum for relevant posts? If so, did you find any that were related to your issues. Have you looked at our documentation on Crossref, and cheked to see that you’ve configured your settings properly: Crossref OJS 3.2+ Manual /

Also, I did go to your site, randomly checked your DOIs from your most recent issue and the DOI’s did appear to be working. For example, this one: - it does resolve to your website.

PKP Team

Dear Friends
Thank you very much for your valuable contribution.
The problem solved.
Best wishes

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