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We are using OJS 3.3.0-10.

The DOI of an issue have not been assigned (there : it gives 404 not found). Usually, I can manually assign DOI using the Crossref plugin but when I look for articles in this issue, the list is empty.

Do you know how to fix this ?
(If I try to publish/unpublish the issue, is it possible not to notify all users subscribe to the journal?)


Hi @njamar,

As a first step, you can consult our Crossref guide to see if you’ve configured the plugin properly: ?

Did this just start happening recently? Sometimes it can take a little while for the DOIs to propagate.

PKP Team

We did an upgrade of OJS last august. For this journal, it’s the first time they publish since, so it may be related to it.
But other journals didn’t have any problem with DOI so I don’t think it’s related to it.

The DOI plugin is well configured!

I have read somewhere that we can try to unpublish and republish the issue. How can I avoid that users receive an email when republishing the issue ?


And yes, the issue has been published since one month already… so there is something wrong somewhere :confused:

  1. Your articles are currently not assigned a DOI. When you check the article detail, you will see that the DOI field is empty.
    Is it true?

  2. I think, unpublishing and republishing the issue is not the solution in this case. However, if you still want to do it, there is an option “Send an email about this to all registered users” when publishing the issue.

No, it’s not empty. And the doi appears on the issue there:
But when clinking on the doi, we have 404 not found

This is the Issue settings page. I’m talking about the DOIs of your articles.
Check out the first picture I shared above.

Oh yes, sorry.
Indeed, DOI field of all articles in the issue is empty. How can I change that ?


First unpublish article,
Second, click “assign” doi button
and, republish (Schedue For Publication) article.

After defining doi to all articles you want, you can use the Crossref Plugin.

It works !
Thanks a lot.


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