DOI : Needs sync

When I deposit DOIs to CrossRef in OJS, it returns the ‘Needs sync’ and DOIs do not resolve.

Steps I took leading up to the issue
For example:
I checked the settings and have it set to assign the DOI upon publication, checked that all the setting details are completed, unpublished and republished the issue and then tried to deposit the DOIs again.

What application are you using?

Also, is there no longer a way to download the xml to submit via the crossref site?

Hey @Claudia2,

The way DOIs are deposited has changed a bit with 3.4. The “needs sync” status will result when some of the article or issue metadata has changed and needs to be updated with Crossref. If they are not being automatically deposited, it could be for a few different reasons.

First, could you try manually depositing them via the UI and seeing if that is still working?

It could also be an issue with scheduled tasks not running, but it would be helpful to first confirm if deposits are working at all.

There is still a way to download the XML. With the Crossref plugin configured and selected as the registration agency, you can select “Bulk Actions → Export DOIs” in order to download the XML.

Hope that helps!


PKP Team

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Thanks a lot, definitely helps. Managed to do the export in the meantime and will look into the manual depositing.

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