DOI Links redirects to journal homepage


I have just realized that my old (older than 3 months) DOI deposits redirects to journal homepage instead of the article page, while the more recent deposits work as intended showing the article’ page.

I am using OJS

Does anyone have any idea about what might be the reason for that?



I would suggest that you contact Crossref about that. Or you could see if you can find one of the problematic DOIs using the Crossred admin panel and see where it should redirect.

See if the DOI is pointing to the right URL and that the URL exists on your site and opens the correct article page.

I’m encountering the same problem. In the older versions (2015-2016), dois are redirecting to the homepage. I contacted the crossref support, they sent me all the urls and they are pointing to the correct locations but it is like redirecting the url to homepage by itself. The person says that the redirection is happening in the website.
Help please!

@asmecher help please

Hi there @fatima and @zaratushtra. Would it be possible for you to share some XML from your Crossref Export? I wouldn’t need to see the whole file. Maybe just the beginning title-level stuff and the first full article record. Sharing some DOIs and journal links would help too.

I can’t think of a reason a DOI would be redirecting to the homepage but it would help to rule some potential issues out.

Hi @AhemNason,

I solved my problem, because DOI links were http and I started to use SSL(https). Therefore, all the DOI links that are deposited with http were broken. I solved the problem by adding a line of code in to my .htaccess file
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]


Hi @zaratushtra,

Thanks for this! I’ll add it to the list of troubleshooting scenarios in our Crossref plugin documentation. I bet this is more widespread than is probably obvious. Another option would be to update DOIs via the plugin.


@AhemNason Following are the links to Journal and the some article redirecting to homepage.

Do you want to see the particular articles XML?

Plus what @zaratushtra told might be the problem. But I’m getting not secure connection prompt when I edit the file.


Hi @fatima

As far as I can see, your DOIs point to the journal…, e.g. the DOI 10.22555/joeed.v3i1.709 points to And the journal path JEED seems not to exist any more – all requests with that path lead to the index page
Did you change the journal path over the time?
You i.e. your system admins would need to fix those redirections, so that they point to the right journal and articles.


Thanks @bozana for figuring it out !

Can you please guide me from where can I fix these redirections?