DOI links broken

The DOIs for all of our articles in the latest volume of our journal, published mid-December seem to be broken. They redirect to an Error: DOI Not Found webpage.
Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 10.03.44 AM

Having just published the December issue, we are receiving inquiries from our contributors regarding citations for their articles and the bad DOI links.

We looked at all the DOIs and do not find any typos in them or anything - unusual characters, for example - that we do not normally include in our DOIs.
We initially thought the problem might be a lag in the activation of the DOI links; however, the problem has not resolved over 2 weeks later.

We are using the latest OJS version, 3.3.0-8.

What is the problem and how can we resolve it?


Is the status for the deposit of these DOIs in OJS indicating that they were deposited successfully? Have you attempted a manual deposit of a single and/or multiple articles from the affected issue? If you or your hosting institution has the Crossref login information, you can also log in to the Crossref admin console and see if any errors are thrown when there’s an attempt to deposit DOIs, and the errors in the Crossref logs can often provide much more specific information about what is stopping the deposit.