DOI Link Question

We are running OJS 3.1 and recently published our first issues online. We are using the DOI plugin and noticed that a link is automatically created on the published article page when a DOI has been assigned–in our case, those links are going to the article in BioOne. Where does OJS obtain the information to create that link? Crossref?

Hi @akoehler

If DOIs are assigned in OJS, they will be displayed. The DOI assignment is provided by the DOI Plugin and a DOI can be assigned in the “Identifier” tab, e.g. in the article “Metadata” modal. When assigned OJS then only displays the link to the DOI resolver on the article page. If DOIs have been registered (at a registration agency like Crossref, DataCite, mEDRA), they will be resolved d.h. the user will be redirected to the registered URL. Thus, could it be that your DOIs were already registered? In that case, or in case an article/issue/journal moves from one system to another, the DOI URL will change and thus it should be re-registered/updated. The re-registration/update is necessary for any DOI metadata change.
OJS has the following export/registration plugins: Crossref, DataCite and mEDRA. Depending on your registration agency, you could eventually use one of those plugins to re-register/update the DOIs.