DOI Link not working

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I have assigned all the article to DOI through CrossRef XML Export Plugin and deposited all the article.
Now system has been upgraded on latest version and we are not applied for DOI previously.
what is the solution for such kinds of issue please suggest me.




Please check in your OJS are DOIs submitted to Crossref.


Hello vvucic,

I think It’s not properly submitted in Crossref. when i submit without selection, it has been submitted. when i submit to selected articles, showing XML validation error. Please check the attached for details


Thank you!


Please check in your DOI Settings did you enabled automatic deposit to Crossref.

Yes. It’s enabled.



It does not have validation error. It says that it cannot locate schema on that link. However, schema does exist on that link. Let OJS submit it automatically since you checked that option and monitor is it OK. CrossRef will inform you if something is wrong.
Please type DOI of article you think is not submitted properly in and check if it resolves. If it is resolved by that means that it is submitted properly.

Dear vvucic,

It has worked when I submitted manually. But I don’t want manually submit.

Thank you!

I understand you but please give OJS some time to do it automatically and check if it works.
When you say manually do you think again from OJS by clicking on Submit or uploading to your account in CrossRef?


Thank you for your suggestion !

Please report here if you face again difficulties. Error that you mentioned says that schema could not be found. It could happen that CrossRef had some difficulties.
THerefore, I suggested to check again when OJS tries to do automatically.