DOI changes between 2.3.3 and 2.4.6?

Have there been major changes to the handling of DOIs in OJS between 2.3.3 and 2.4.6? We have just joined CrossRef and are getting ready to integrate DOIs into our publishing workflows in OJS and in DSpace. However, I’m also planning on upgrading from 2.3.3-2 to 2.4.6 as soon as I can get some IT time, and I’m wondering if I should make sure the upgrade happens first. Have there been significant changes to the way DOIs are handled between the two releases? Am I likely to run into challenges or need to duplicate work if I do our DOI setup in our current installation and then start the upgrade?

I’m guessing a more experienced GitHub user could find this information in release notes, but I’m having trouble making sense of them, and I’m hoping a knowledgable human can give me a summary instead. Thanks!

Hi @Melanie_Schlosser,

Yes, there have been some changes – but if you start with OJS 2.3.3 and upgrade afterwards, your configuration and DOI data should be brought along with the upgade. The current release includes more options, including automated deposit, so I’d suggest reviewing the configuration once you’ve had a chance to upgrade. Perhaps @AhemNason can add some further specifics, as he’s worked quite a bit with those plugins.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hey @Melanie_Schlosser,

There’s definitely a few changes to the plugin you’ll want to keep an eye on. For starters, some things that you didn’t need for CrossRef Export in the old version will now cause errors. I’d definitely recommend looking at the most current CrossRef documentation in our wiki.

The big difference is that you can do the automated deposit, like Alec mentioned. But you can also manage submissions via the new plugin UI and submit from there (no more XML export), and you can edit existing DOIs or clear DOIs for content that had an error or wasn’t supposed to get one. All in all it’s a lot more versatile. I’m happy to answer any specific questions if you hit any snags.

Mike Nason | PKP|PS