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I am struggling to find documentation relevant to this question, but I would like to know if there is a way to add policies governing DOI assignment to sections, meaning that certain sections do not get assigned a DOI (e.g. front matter)?



Hi @wynlib

For DOI assignment you would use DOI public identifier plugin. First you would need to set up that plugin and then to manually/explicitly assign the DOIs to the objects, for example articles. That you can then do in the article Metadata modal, Identifier tab.
In OJS 3, differently to OJS 2, the DOIs are not automatically assigned, thus no need for exclusion options…

Note that DOI public identifier plugin only provides the possibility to assign the DOIs. Then you would probably want to deposit/register them. For that there are mEDRA, Crossref, DataCite export/registration plugins.


Dear bozana,

Thank you for the information. I tried manually assigning DOIs, but I think I did something wrong as ALL items in the archive now also have a DOI, even those not registered with Crossref. I assume this means a lot of manual editing now unfortunately… I did not realise initially that the DOIs were not automatically assigned now as I do now have access to relevant documentation. At least the deposit is working in OJS 3 (it never worked for us in version 2.8…



Where is DOI public identifier plugin in OJS3 system?

Hi @zhao,

Please note that this is an older thread. If you have a question, please post it in a new forum post. You can also see our DOI documentation here: Using DOIs and the DOI Plugin and our Crossref plugin here: Crossref OJS 3.2+ Manual

PKP Team