Does the Crossref Export Plugin include affiliation?

When I use the Crossref Export Plugin in OJS to handle DOI deposit, my author metadata has no affiliation associated with it even when the submission metadata has author affiliations.

I can see that how to handle affiliation data in OJS is still a topic of discussion (e.g. issue 2787), but I can’t see anything in the article filter about affiliations (but I don’t know php so may not be looking in the right place). Is there a setting I’m missing or should I just download the XML and add the affiliations manually before uploading to Crossref?


I ended up adding the following after line 115 in

$personNameNode->appendChild($node = $doc->createElementNS($deployment->getNamespace(), 'affiliation', htmlspecialchars(ucfirst($author->getLocalizedAffiliation()), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8')));

Seems to work.