DOAJ xml schema not validated

Hello, I exported articles in xml by using DOAJ export plugin. When I tried to upload it to DOAJ site I got th efollowing information:
File could not be validated against a known schema; please fix this before attempting to upload again.

Are there any changes applied on the side of DOAJ or OJS that render exported xml file invalid?


Hi @vvucic

Maybe you could validate the XML file locally on your machine using an XML editor/validator – to see what’s wrong? If you use Windows, Notepad++ editor with the XML plugin installed does a good job.
Else, what OJS version are you using?


Dear Bozana,

I use the latest version of OJS. The error message by DOAJ is not that XML is not valid. error message says that xml is not made according to DOAJ schema.
So, either they changed schema or something is wrong with exported schema. please advise


I validated xml file on
Screenshot shows that marked red is the only part with eissn. Please check on your side is everything OK regarding export to xml according to DOAJ schema

Your ISSN has one too many characters. Correct the ISSN in your journal setup and then try the export again.

I corrected error and validated against
did not find any errors.
I have sent xml file to editor and waiting for feedback after upload to


After correcting error in typing eISSN everything worked well.