DOAJ Plugin not depositing new issue automatically

We are on version of OJS.

We have selected that all articles be automatically uploaded to DOAJ for inclusion, but it is not happening automatically. API Key correct etc. Any suggestions?

Kind regards
Nadine van der Merwe

How are you running your scheduled tasks?

Do you have a DOAJautomaticregistrationtask log files in files/scheduledTaskLogs?

And if you have, what do the contents look like?

Sorry for warming up an old issue, but sadly this one is unresolved.

I have the exact same problem:

  • OJS
  • DOAJ plugin configured correctly (manual registration is working fine)
  • scheduled_tasks table contains plugins.importexport.doaj.DOAJInfoSender with correct timestamp for last_run
  • cronjob active, set to hourly
  • DOAJ scheduled task log says “[2021-02-18 09:25:12] https://xx.xxxxxxxx.xx
    [2021-02-18 09:25:12] [Notice] Task process started.
    [2021-02-18 09:25:16] [Notice] Task process stopped.”

But the articles stay “Not deposited”. What else can I do?