DOAJ export plugin

the DOAJ plugin, if an article is multi-language, exports metadata for all languages.

I tried to export and compare the exported XML from two different article from the same journal; the order of metadata in different languages is different:
Article 1
Title ita/Title ENG
abstract ITA/ abstract ENG

Article 2
Title ITA /Title ENG (like the other one)
abstract ENG / Abstract ITA (inverted order)

in the DOAJ interface only the firts metadata is presented, so I find
Article 1: Title ITA, Abstract ITA
Article 2: Title ITA, Abstract ENG

It seems that DOAJ, although is accepting more than one element per type, always shows only one metadata.

Is there a way to force an order for the exported metadata?

Moreover, I would like to know whed do you plan to release the DOAJ CRUD API integration. On OJS 2.4.9, too?


Hi @marchitelli,

I would suggest contacting DOAJ to see whether it’s intentional that the language order in the XML so strongly affect the way the content is ingested. It doesn’t sound right to me.

We’ve filed an issue for the CRUD API – I’d suggest adding yourself to the notify list on that entry.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team