Displaying ISSN nr. At site homepage

The site homepage can be configured to display each journal’s logo-thumbnail, Journal title, description , current issue. But, we would like also to display each journal’s ISSN on the site homepage. Is there anyone that has done that or how to do it?

We are using ojs 2.4.6


You have access to the journal object in the site homepage template:

As such, you can call the getSetting() method to fetch and display the ISSN(s). See the display from the journal footer as an example:

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I added the following in …/templates/index/site.tpl after after {if $site->getSetting(‘showDescription’)} …{/if}
But, It does not work.

{if $currentJournal && $currentJournal->getSetting('onlineIssn')}
    {assign var=issn value=$currentJournal->getSetting('onlineIssn')}
{if $issn}
    {translate|assign:"issnText" key="journal.issn"}
    {assign var=pageFooter value="$issnText: $issn"}


Hi, @obi. Do you have any PHP or other programming experience?

This isn’t something you’ll be able to do just with a cut and paste.

In the footer.tpl snippet the journal object is $currentJournal, but in the site.tpl snippet the journal object is $journal from the $journals array. Also note that in footer.tpl, there isn’t any output, just the variable assignment.

I have experience using PHP but not Smarty. I think I can embed PHP script in site.tpl to solve the problem. I know that it is not a good idea. But, will learn Smarty later.


Think of Smarty as just a form of PHP where the curly braces {} are the PHP tags <? ?>.

Variables, such as the object $journal, function similarly in Smarty and PHP, because Smarty is just translated to PHP behind the scenes.