Displaying equally contributing authors (OJS 3.3)

I would like to display in the author list two equally contributing authors. They are identified with a * in the author list, but I have not found a way to display correctly in the author affiliations.
Has anyone had successful wayarounds?

Hi @lsteele,

Not a workaround, and not exactly the same as you are noting, there is a desire to be able to address this as noted in this issue:

Feel free to add additional comments there too, if you’d like.

I think there will be a desire to integrate the CASRAI standard as noted in this issue for future versions too. Like you, I too would be curious if folks have found a work arounds.

PKP Team

Hi Roger,
thank you for your reply. the contributor role integration would be a welcome addition, I agree. Not quite what I was looking for and frankly many solutions are messy. I found a rough way around so it will have to do for now!
Have a good day,