Displaying e-ISSN and Print ISSN on header

Hello all,

It is a recommendation to display the ISSN on the header of the publication. How do I create and use separate variables for each ISSN?

On the footer only one is shown…

I tried searching here and on the older forum, but found nothing that could actually help.

I’m modifying the code in templates/common/footer.tpl to:
{if $currentJournal}
{assign var=eissn value=$currentJournal->getSetting(‘onlineIssn’)}
{assign var=pissn value=$currentJournal->getSetting(‘printIssn’)}
{if $eissn}
{translate|assign:“issnText” key=“journal.issn”} // here’s where I don’t know how it works… I need the issnText to be e-Issn or the specific variable for it…

I also need to know how to print it on screen, but that can be more easily found from code available in header.tpl.

Thanks for the help.

Hello all,

I managed to solve my own question, sorry to bother you all…

This is what is necessary (use HTML tags and styling as necessary:

{if $currentJournal}
        {assign var=eissn value=$currentJournal->getSetting('onlineIssn')}
        {assign var=pissn value=$currentJournal->getSetting('printIssn')}
{if $eissn}
        {translate key="manager.setup.onlineIssn"}
{if $pissn}
        {translate key="manager.setup.printIssn"}
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There’s only one problem with this solution:
Translation keys are not available to public access, so, the text is not displayed in public pages… :disappointed_relieved: :tired_face:

Added to locale/xx_XX/locale.xml:
ISSN impresso

To all required languages (english, spanish, portuguese).