Display of the review status

I am just stumbling over the processes for the reviews. It is about the step from the request to a reviewer to the reminder of the response to the request. I had assumed that after the set period of one week, the requested reviewers would again automatically receive an email asking them to please reply whether they would accept the review or not. Now, however, after the one-week period, a message appears in the the contribution overview stating that the review is overdue. But it is not the review that is overdue, only the response to the request. In the workflow, the message appears that the review is late. Is this a system error or is there a solution? Feedback would be very helpful!

Best regards, Cathleen

Hi @cgrunert,

This can vary based on the settings you have enabled. The review being overdue message will be based on the initial request sent out and the date sent out (which is also in particular settings), and this could also depend on whether or not there are multiple reviewers assigned - do you have just the one reviewer assigned? What specific version are you using (e.g. 3.3.0-8) (please include this information in your posts, as it is important for others to help troubleshoot and offer solutions, as solutions may vary from version-to-version)?

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