Display code XML file

I want when click XML in web address “http://ijhs.shmu.ac.ir/index.php/ijhs/issue/view/2”, show code html, for examlpe: “http://ijhpm.com/?_action=xml&issue=650” , but show “Differential Expression of CD16 and CD56 on Natural Killer (NK) Cell Subsets in Multiple Sclerosis and Neuromyelitis Optica | International Journal of Health Studies now.
Please help me that how xml export ?

Masi Miri

If you “Edit” the galley, what do you see in the “File Type” section?

Dear ctgraham
I see “application/xml” in the “File Type” section.

Many thanks,
Masi Miri

That seems like a good configuration. I tried uploading an XML file to 2.4.8-2. It was identified as “application/xml” and it downloaded as expected.

I see you are using OJS Are you using any special plugins or local customization?

Dear @ctgraham

We used from PubMed XML Export Plugin.

I was able to reproduce this kind of display in 2.4.3 by enabling the “XML Galley Plugin” from the Generic Plugins category. Are you using that plugin? If so, what settings are you using for this plugin?

Setting “XML Galley Plugin” is:

Do you have other articles where you are publishing NLM XML and it is displaying correctly? If so, is this particular article valid NLM? If not, you might want to disable this plugin to make the XML downloadable throughout your journal.