Discussion Originator Doesn't Get Discussion Email


When a submission participant starts a discussion they are not included on the emails sent by OJS. Even when they are explicitly selected in as a discussion participant in the UI.
I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

Is this configurable somewhere?




I confirm this behaviour. Selected participants in OJS do not receive an email about start new discussion or new messages in the discussion, although a new notification appears in that user interface. All notifications are enabled and mailing is not blocked. Other emails, for example, about editorial decisions are successfully sent. There is no information about this kind of sent letter in the database in the email_log table.
Where to find the source of the problem?

Hi Tim,

For emails related to submission, make sure you send the emails using the discussion feature of the submission section. It records the all the e-mails related to submission and keeps the data organized on a single screen.

Also, in the notify tab, choose the user roles from who you want to send and receive emails. You can learn more about managing and configuring user roles by visiting here!

PS: I’m attaching the screenshot for your reference.

Screenshot 2021-09-13 10.41.10 AM

Most importantly, you first try sending an email to yourself. If you’re getting the email, then the OJS email configuration has no problem sending or receiving any emails. There are chances that your emails are getting trapped by spam filters. So, check the spam folders; the emails might be getting rejected there.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @Sumalatha_G for your reply. All discussions are created in the Submissions section. The Notify section, as I know, is not the “who you want to send and receive emails” settings section, but the section for sending emails (and only sending) to the desired user groups. Emails from this section are successfully sent (although I don’t see it in the email_log table). Only notification emails are not sent when a new discussion is created or a new message appears in a discussion.


If so, then there should be a problem with the mail transfer agent! The reason why it is not delivering the mails to you! Please look into it.

Thanks for you answer @Sumalatha_G! Unfortunately, the problem is not in the mail transfer agent, as the other emails are sent successfully (and the bug is not in delivering emails to me, but in sending to authors and only for emails about the beginning of a discussion or new messages in a discussion), as there are entries in the email_log table.

I would like to ask the developers how to debug this problem at the code level.