Discussion notification


There is a submission where I’m not assigned with any role, but I have sent a discussion letter to the editors. I have the following notification email:


The link does not work, as I’m not a reviewer, but checking the submission I have found that the editor, Andreas Rauh have answered to the discussion letter I wrote.

The strangest is that the notification email is signed with my own name, not the sender.

Could you help me to resolve this?

We use a update from today.

Thanks is advance,


It is probably this issue: Fix review assignment updated notification recipient · Issue #4133 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

There were a couple of small bugs in the code and the fixed version is in the master branch I think (coming to 3.2.).

The signature is the standard signature for those types of notifications. Probably comes from the journal settings.


Sorry, but checking the change, I don’t think so. Here the problem is, that instead of a notification for a discussion reply, I’ve got a notification for reviewer assignment update.


The only code that triggers the NOTIFICATION_TYPE_REVIEW_ASSIGNMENT_UPDATED notification is the edit review form here https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/blob/master/controllers/grid/users/reviewer/form/EditReviewForm.inc.php#L141. So I do not see how discussion reply could create that notification since it would have to be called somewhere in the code that creates the discussion entry (of course everything is always possible :grinning:).

Have you compared the timestamps of discussions answer from the editor to that of the email notification? Is it precisely the same?

Could you advise me where can I check the timestamps? On the web application I can only see the date information, but no timestamps (it would be actually nice to see timestamp there as well for me).

It also could happen, that as the editor has sent the paper also for review, that mixed up with the notification of the discussion reply. If that makes sense to you.

In the normal case, I do not get such emails (REVIEW_ASSIGNMENT_UPDATED), because as a Managing Editor, I’m not an editor of any papers.

Thanks in advance,

Basically the notification is triggered only after the editor first creates a review assignment and then goes on to edit the details of that assignment. Earlier the code notified both the author and the reviewer (this is maybe the case in the code you are using), but because of the type of link there (leading to reviewer workflow as you noticed) the current code only sends to notification to the reviewer.

So really the only way I can see how you would get that notification is that you were either the reviewer or the author of the submission. At least for a while. Or there is some bug I am not seeing, but then again I have not seen anyone else mention anything similar here on the forums.

I think the only way to see the timestamps is to check from the database entries for the discussion. For the email itself you can of course check from your email client.

Thanks. I can assure I was neither an author nor a reviewer not for a moment (checked in the Editorial history). I will ask to check the database then, I do not know how to do that.



So I checked some of the tables, but I did not find where the discussion entries are in the database. Could you indicate that?

In any case, the email I’ve got was sent at Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2019 12:04:53 +0100

while I found when he was assigned the reviewers:
| log_id | assoc_id | user_id | date_logged | event_type | message |
| 1291 | 4041 | 190 | 2019-01-04 11:59:15 | 805306371 | log.editor.decision |
| 1292 | 4041 | 190 | 2019-01-04 12:02:38 | 1073741825 | log.review.reviewerAssigned |
| 1293 | 4041 | 190 | 2019-01-04 12:04:32 | 1073741825 | log.review.reviewerAssigned |

Is it possible that the two has a connection?