Disciplines Required not passing although field is completed OJS 3.1

When I checked in Settings that the field disciplines is required OJS did not let me to continue althoug filed was completed. When I unchecked that it is required I went thourgh completion of metadata normally. Is there anything in Disciplines required option that does not register that field is completed and it does not let user to continue although field is completed?


I have the exact same issue.
No one has replied to you yet? Did you find a solution?


Hmmm… I haven’t realized that yet… Will test it immediately and come back to you…

Oh, yes, it seems there is a bug – all the metadata fields that use tagit are not validated correctly except keywords (because the tagit catchall field ‘accidentally’ has the same name ‘keywords’).
Track the following GitHub Issue for a patch: required tagit metadata fields not validated · Issue #3157 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Thanks a lot!