Disabling Publication ID doesn't reverse iParadigm fields on Crossref's xml exports

I’m assisting a colleague who enabled Publication IDs (from OJS metadata) and then, after some time disabled it. I realized about the issue when checking the Crossref participation report and the zero Similarity check URLs compliance. There is a bug because the iParadigm field on Crossref’s xml exports is still empty. This is driving him crazy because he can’t use the CrossRef XML Export Plugin and he must manually add the links on the iParadigm field for each article. The journal is located at https://recit.uabc.mx and it is using OJS 3.3.0-13 .Please find below a screenshot of the missing iParadigm info in the xml generated from the Crossref XML Export plugin (with the Publication IDs disabled). We highly appreciate your help.

Screenshot (643)
Screenshot (644)