Disable HTML article links in public view

The public view of a published journal issue includes a link to the article PDF (e.g. View of Editorial), but the title of the article is also linked to some non-existent other thing (e.g. Editorial | Journal of Festive Studies). I’m probably blind, but I can’t find any settings relative to that title link. Where is it trying to link to? How do I suppress that behavior?

Hi @drboone

That title link is supposed to link to the landing page for the article, not directly to a PDF or an HTML view. Judging by the journal, I think you have enabled RESTful URLs in order to remove the index.php part of the URL, by editing your config.inc.php file and turning that on? If so, can you also confirm that you’ve made the correct changes to the .htaccess file?

By the way, completely blank pages like that should generate an error in your server’s error log. I suspect you’ll find something there.



Ahh, logging issue, and I wasn’t seeing the relevant PHP error. Thanks!


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