Disable Certain Comment Via Phpmyadmin?

Ojs Comment section is overwhelming by spam poster, while some of them are indeed “real” Legit Comment but 80% Comment on my Journal Site is just plain Spam

Admin rarely checking up the comment section, one thing they knew is overwhelming database size, i knew we can turning off comment via admin dashboard but how do i do this via PHPmyadmin

and is it possible when we disable comment, it doesn’t effect globally… i mean some of them are legit Comment and some time important one therefore its hard to decide…keeping spam or Legit comment


First of all, you and your admin should investigate why there is so much spam.
Which version of OJS you use?

its still using,i think we don’t need that . it obvious there only two choice, allowed Comment or Disable completely …

if we allowed comment then there is no some kind of filter, the captcha is almost no use it easy to bypass…user simply just need to register and post their comment…no moderation after that

The next upcoming release of OJS 2.x (either 2.4.8-3 or 2.4.9) will have support for ReCAPTCHA v2, which though imperfect is much better than CAPTCHA and the legacy ReCAPTCHA.

Hi all,

Note that I’ve just released OJS 2.4.8-3 – it’s available on the download page. It includes support for the newer ReCaptcha API.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

hi graham, sweet looking for that, anyway what is the sql command to turn off reading tool comment via PHPmyadmin or direct from database

we have so many installation of OJS ,sometime is much faster if we site manager execute this from database instead of journals admin loggin via web dashboard

Hi asmecher

This is great news, i hope The Recaptcha V2 can at least stop the automated spamming tool

but if i can make suggestion ,perhaps in next release maybe The OJS TEam can consider to make the comment section nofollow ? its just a suggestion , perhaps to combat spam it to understand what is the purpose of them doing that

after studying their behavior it seems their only goal is only after Follow links (to acumulate pagerank) and trying to manipulate the search engine (as article comment section is in default indexed and followed by search engine)

if we analyze server logs, only small percent of this spam is done by automated bot (at least on our server) the rest of them are doing by hand ( real human visitor)

All untrusted links on this forum are marked nofollow, and yet we still regularly delete spam posts on this site. I don’t think the abusers bother to consider that the links are nofollow.

That said, if you wanted to append a rel="nofollow" to links in your comments, you could make that change here:

(Though best would probably be to implement this as a smarty filter)

In journal_settings, there is a setting_name with a value of “enableComments”. The setting is a “string” setting_type with a setting_value of 1 or 0 to enable or disable comments, keyed on the journal_id. This value is cached in the files cache/fc-journalSettings-*.php. Changing it only in the database will not be immediately effective.