Different domain for each journal


We have 4 journals. The first 3 are all under the domain https://publicaciones.lasallecampus.es
The last one has its own domain https://jomts.com
So, in the configuration file I add the line base_url[MOVE] = https://jomts.com/index.php/MOVE

All seems to be fine, and all works except for the static pages. In the administrator, it says that the URL will be https://jomts.com/index.php/MOVE/%PATH% as path i write datos for example but the URL https://jomts.com/index.php/MOVE/datos does not show almost nothing.
The same result if i try https://publicaciones.lasallecampus.es/index.php/MOVE/datos

How must i work with 2 different domains for two journals under the same OJS?

I´m using OJS

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @agm

I have checked the source code in browser and it seems missing some part of it.
How are you managing multiple domains? Are you using a Proxy config in Apache Webserver?

Have you checked you webserver error_log ? It might show you further details about this error.


I have not changed nothing in the server. OK I will check it. I don´t know too much about Apache but I´m going to do my best :slight_smile: It´s strange as the error does not appear until i set the base url, that is why i was thinking that i was missing something in OJS. I will update as soon as i find something
Thank you very much

Hi @agm

For Apache, just point all of the domains to the same DocumentRoot and then OJS will sort it out.


I have checked all the logs. However, we did not spot any issues clearly related to the site in these logging sources. I have also checked that both domains share the same DocumentRoot.

If i comment the baseURL in the configuration, static pages of jomts fails also. I don´t really understand what has changed with taht option. I´m searching if anything else could have changed but with no success.

Other sections work fine: https://jomts.com/index.php/MOVE/about/editorialTeam
Its only in the static pages. I don´t know how OJS work with them to be different. I will try to search and if i discover something i will told you

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @agm

For the static pages, are you using a plugin or an Static pages option from menu to create them?


I have try with the standard plugin and also i created the page in the web site/configuration/menu. In both of them the page does not load. Im trying to make it work again with one domain and start again but with no success by the moment.

I was unable to locate nothing in the server that makes that only that pages work wrong. Is just only that under that conditions. I will continue making changes

I have made a copy of the installation without the baseurl. And is still not working: https://publicaciones.lasallecampus.es/_Test1/index.php/MOVE/datos_seguros
If jomts.com is pointed to another installation (an old one and different) it´s working fine
So I suppose its something in that installation but I don´t know where it can be. I have created a new htaccess with no success.
Maybe something with the FILEPATH that only that pages use but i don´t know where that info could it be.

Finally something that change something. It´s something about the template. I´m using Old Gregg Theme for OJS 3 and if i change it the contents work. So i´m going to speak with the developer in case he has any idea

Thank you

I will call @Vitaliy to this thread, since he is the developer of this theme and may help other users of Old Gregg.


I´m having more issues using base url. For example the custom header plugin works in https://publicaciones.lasallecampus.es but not in jomts.com. Since i include that second path the statistics plugin cannot be enabled. And the google scholar index also stops working.
I´m trying to guess how can i fix all that errors so by the moment i´m using bootstrap 3 not to have too many things not working. In an old ojs with only jomts.com, all is working fine so its not from the server. Must be something of that ojs but at the moment içm unable to discover what has been damaged when i set that option. If now i delete that, the errors are not fixed so something has changed.

Anyway, thank you very much for your interest

At this moment with this configuration:
base_url[index] = https://publicaciones.lasallecampus.es
base_url[MOVE] = Journal of MOVE and Therapeutic Science

Both puglins are working fine again, but now y don´t have access to https://publicaciones.lasallecampus.es/admin
Each journal admin works fine. But the whole site admin for example to clean cache is not loading. I´m still trying to discover how OJS works with the base URL. It´s something about OJS but i´m still searching for some document to know if i must create a redirection or something. This is really hard for me so i´m still lookig forward before tell @Vitaliy nothing as probably is something i´m doing wrong

Unfortunately, I’m unable to reproduce it. Can you specify the version of Old Gregg theme, which you are using? The version of the theme that is compatible with OJS 3.3 is 2.2.0. Also, check PHP log for detail when the error occurs. If it’s a template compile error there definitely should be something in the log. Otherwise, Old Gregg theme doesn’t intervene in any way with custom URLs

I was using the 2.2.0 version. Actually I cannot send you screenshots or a blind copy for you to test as I´m still fighting with the no admin access when i use baseURL. I have been able to make work the custom header, the google scholar statistics, and the statistic plugin using 2 domains but as soon i activate that the site admin is not available. If i´m able to fix all taht problems and make it work (I can´t promise nothing as i´m not an expert in OJS I just try and try) y would activate your template again and i will try again.
That´s why i didn´t want to bother you until i discover how OJS works with baseURL. If i making something wrong i don´t want to make you crazy searching. Your template is great :slight_smile: When I open this thread with your template and in the configuration the option base_url[MOVE] = Journal of MOVE and Therapeutic Science only the custom pages where not loading in jomts.com. Now i´m using bootstrap 3 and they are working, but i have the same problem as before with your template, but in the admin screen. Im searching if I need to write something as base_url[admin] = https://publicaciones.lasallecampus.es but I´m still searching and trying to learn how OJS manage URLs with base_url. I promise that as soon as i have access again to the admin i will use your template again and let you know if the issues are still not working.
Thank you very much for all

Is there any associated error in the PHP log when trying to access the admin dashboard?

No error in the log. I´m completely lost with this issue.
If in the configuration i write:
base_url[MOVE] = Journal of MOVE and Therapeutic Science
base_url[index] = “https://publicaciones.lasallecampus.es
Then the main admin is not loading: Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

If i use only base_url[MOVE] = Journal of MOVE and Therapeutic Science then admin works but then in jomts.com nav menus are empty. Both menus are empty and you can`t navigate anywhere.

If i delete both of them then domain jomts.com is not working with that journal.
I´m trying to find something in a log but no clue at the moment.

Just now, and i don´t know why or how with only base_url[MOVE] = “Journal of MOVE and Therapeutic Science
admin and menus working. I don´t understand nothing. Anyway i´m going to wait a day to check if it still works fine. As i don´t know what has changed i´m not sure. I have clean cache just in case.
To avoid the Publicaciones La Salle Centro Universitario i also created a redirection of that URL to https://publicaciones.lasallecampus.es/
If everything is still working tomorrow i will take a whole backup and try Vitally template.
Thank you

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