Differences between last_modified and date_status_modified

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we’re using OJS 3.1.2, but I have noticed this behaviour in older versions as well. In the submission table there are two columns last_modiefied and date_status_modified. If I change something in a submission (for example the abstract text) both get a new date. I would assume date_status_modified should only change when the status auf a submission is changed, but that is clearly not the case. Is this a bug or ist the columns important for other reasons?

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Hi @UBWolf,

Thanks, I’ve identified the issue and filed it:

There’s a patch for OJS 3.1.2-x here:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

sorry for answering this late. I didn’t get a notification of your answer.

Anyway, thank you for looking into this!

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