Diacritics problem in upgrading to OJS 3.1

We have a test site for upgrading to OJS 3.1 and it seems that there is a problem with names with diacritics: first, they show up garbled, and second, it does not seem to be possible to access, from editors’s interface, submissions containing names with diacritics. Has anyone experienced something similar and what to do about it? I can provide more details when needed.

Ivo Volt

Hi @ivovolt,

I suspect you’ve inadvertently changed your character set configuration, either in the process of dumping/loading your database to your test site, or in the new install’s config.inc.php. Ensure that these settings are the same as your old install, and ideally that they’re set as follows in config.inc.php:

client_charset = utf-8
connection_charset = utf8
database_charset = utf8

(Note the inconsistent utf8 vs. utf-8 – this is not a typo. Different libraries/tools we use have different conventions.)

If your configuration isn’t as above, you can’t simply change it – you may also need to transcode your database.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you! This solved the problem!