Desperate with the installation of OJS 3.0.1

Hi everybody.

I take part in forensic anthropology and odontology webside, and we decided to improve publishing online magazines. this webside is
I had installed 2.4.8 version of OJS, few months ago and it worked well, with all parameters (database, and so on) working. As we saw there was a new version , I tryed to upgrade, and we decided to do a complety clean instalation.

I uploaded all files to corresponding folders and made directories writable (following installation indications).

However, when I try to install and error occurs, the webserver says that “error too many redirects”.

I have the page allocated in 1and1 server. I have been talking to them and they said all was ok.

I am complety lost, ¿how can I do?

Thanks a lot for your interest.


Take a look to this:

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Thank you Marc, but I am doing not an upgrade but a new installation of Ojs 3.0.1, with exactly same steps I took when installed 2.4.8 version.

¿What could I do?



Hi @Rober
Have you checked webserver log error?
If so, could U post the messaga it shows to you?


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Thank you for your interest Israel.

I´ve been trying to solve this problem, I´ve rewrote all parameters
manually and changed “Use URL parameters instead of CGI PATH_INFO” from off
to on , and it seems It´s fine.

Thank you so much.