Dependent files not showing in the drop-down list of article components

Context : OJS 3.1.2-4

We noticed that the components mark as dependent files (e.g. images) never show up in the drop-down list during the submission process, even after the main submission file has been uploaded.

If I am not wrong, authors used to be able to upload those kind of files. Once the main article was uploaded, a “Dependent Files” section would appear on the second tab (those are screen captures from internal documentation made with 3.1.2-1):

I was able to reproduce the same problem with the OJS demo testdrive 3.x


Hi @Marie-Helene,

That’s intentional, though it may be clear/helpful! Dependent files are intended as pieces of another file that don’t get packaged with them, e.g. image files to complete an HTML or XML document. Therefore they must always have a “parent” file and can’t be uploaded stand-alone. That’s why they’re excluded from the drop-down.

They can be uploaded by Editing an XML or HTML file (they are currently only supported for these types).

For authors to upload image files etc., I’d suggest using another component that’s not flagged as Dependent.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team