Deleted Submission Type and now all the Abstaract Submissions are Gone

We were doing two rounds of review, one for the abstracts and one for the papers. We’re done with the abstract round and getting ready for the paper round. In the process I deleted the Submission Type for the abstracts and now all the abstracts that were in review are gone. How can I bring this back? Can I bring this back at all?

Hi @ssaras,

See e.g. this thread in our old forum:

OCS doesn’t check to ensure that there are no papers for a given paper type before permitting the manager to delete it. You can use the queries in the linked post to remove the paper type assocations for papers that are assigned to a deleted paper type.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, thanks for your reply. your link does address my exact problem where the submission type was deleted, but running the SQL code:

SELECT ps.paper_id 
FROM paper_settings ps 
LEFT JOIN controlled_vocabs cv 
ON (cv.symbolic='paperType') 
LEFT JOIN controlled_vocab_entries cve 
ON (cve.controlled_vocab_id = cv.controlled_vocab_id 
AND ps.setting_value = cve.controlled_vocab_entry_id) 
WHERE ps.setting_value='paperType' 
AND cve.controlled_vocab_entry_id 

doesn’t return anything even though the papers are there in the database.

Ok I fixed it. So what I think happened, is before I deleted the Submission Type, I created a new one and deleted the old one and in doing so, incremented a column in one of the tables.

I followed the query in the post through each table and column and found that when I had added the new Submission Type and it did indeed increment the controlled_vocab_entry_id. I manually changed it back (I did a sql dump beforehand this time) to the original setting (fortunately I was able to look up in a test database) and all my abstracts came back.

Thanks for your time guys, I really appreciate it. This had me sweating since our paper submission are due in a couple of days.

Hi @ssaras,

Your solution (and diagnosis) makes sense to me. Glad you got it working, and thanks for following up!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team