Delete log files in /usageStats/archive

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I have just a small question: Is it safe to delete the files in /files/usagestats/archive every few months?

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I would not recommend that you do that. In case, for some reason, you have rebuild your metrics in some point, those are files used to do that. Are you worried they are using too much space?

Our IT department is searching for ways to get a more free space, so they asked if those logs can be deleted.
I am not sure what you mean by “metrics”. Are those files important for statistics?

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Hi, yes I meant statistics (the database table in OJS is called “metrics”).

As I said, I have understood that if you would need to rebuild your statistics for some reason, then you would need those files. I am not sure, however, if you would need those for something else. @bozana knows best.

Hi @UBWolf

Yes, @ajnyga is right – it would be good not to delete them, in case you would need to rebuild/recalculate your usage statistics. Currently they are not used for anything else. There is also a possibility in the Usage Statistics plugin settings to compress the archived log files and save some disk space.


Hi @ajnyga, hi @bozana,

thank you very much! This definitely helps us a lot!

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