Delete box "Make a new submission or view your pending submissions" in Submissions page


I hope that I am not duplicating any existing thread with this (it seems to me not, however, if so, I excuse myself in advance).
My question is: would it possible to delete the links to “Make a new submission or view your pending submissions” in the Submissions page? I am asking this because for those journal who don’t handle the peer review and the whole publication process within the software, this is something not needed.
I attach a screenshot about the portion of text which I would like to delete. I have not found a way to do it, yet.
Thank you very much for all of your precious support.
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Hi @leonardo.mancini,

Could you please confirm which version of OJS you’re currently using?

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Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project

Hi @leonardo.mancini

You can hide the “Make a new Submission or View your pending submissions” block via the stylesheet. I am not sure which theme you are using, so it can differ a little - but basically you need to replace the display: block with display: none

So instead of, for example: {
.cmp_notification {
display: block;

…it should be: {
.cmp_notification {
display: none;

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Hi Patricia (@pmangahis) , hi Emma (@OpenAcademia) ,

thank you very much for your kind answers.
I am actually using OJS with Classic Theme, both in the latest releases (3.1.2-4 for OJS and 1.0.2 for Classic).
I will try to work around with the CSS you have passed me.
With my best regards,