defaultTranslation: different fallback language?

Hi community,

Is it possible to set a different fallback language rather than English when using defaultTranslation plugin? Because in some cases it is more reasonable to use a different language when some minor languages are not fully translated, especially in the bilingual territories which are not English speaking (like Spanish for Catalan or Russian for Belarusian)?


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Hi @Vladislav_Mavrin,

What version of the plugin are you using, and what version of OJS? What language are you hoping to use as the default language?

PKP Team

@rcgillis Hi Roger,

OJS 3.3.0-6
defaultTranslation Version: 1.1.1
I wonder if it is possible to make Russian as a fallback for Kazakh

Hi @Vladislav_Mavrin,

What about your settings in the main language settings here: Site Administration - are you able to set this up this way? Or does it just show up with the usual ## strings where the translation doesn’t exist?

From the description in the default translation plugin it looks like it only defaults to English. But, I am flagging my colleague @bozana here, as she was one of the developers for the plugin and may be able to tell us if it could be configured differently to have a different default locale. I’d be curious to know.

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis

I set Russian as the main language, I think I have managed to get what I needed, I have changed locale in defaultTranslation plugin code (everywhere I could find it), so now I have Russian strings where Kazakh translation is missing.

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The plugin was originally developed by @asmecher.

Fallback is to English only but, long time ago, we also talk about the need of extending it (to create a hierarchy as “Catalan > Spanish > English”).

I think your petition is better than my original request (you are talking about different fallback for each lang).

Why don’t you fill a “feature request”?

@rcgillis should it be in the general issue manager or in the plugin one?

Thanks, @marc,

I will leave it to @asmecher and/or @bozana to advise on where this might fit best.

PKP Team

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Hi all,

Issues are enabled on the plugin’s repository, so feel free to file one there. This is a situation where the requested change is probably not going to be a very broadly-requested one, so it’ll be tough for us to dedicate development time to it – but it is a relatively quick change to have the fallback locale fetched from e.g. the configuration file, rather than hard-coded.

For users looking for a quick resolution: the en_US fallback is only specified in the plugin in a couple of places; see defaultTranslation/ at 10eb72da8f1236e70eaa060a329728904b784229 · pkp/defaultTranslation · GitHub. You can modify this to suit your needs.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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