defaultManuscript theme issue

Hi, thanks for the nice theme.

But I faced with the following two problems concerning abstract displaying:

Issue 1. Abstract title (h3) and abstract content merge with each other. This can be artificially corrected by adding blank paragraph to the beginning of the abstract. Not too elegant solution…

Issue 2. Text formatting of the abstract content (e.g. em-tags) is completely ignored, although it exists in metadata:

I would be grateful for the help in solving these problems.

This will likely be specific to your CSS styling. Use your browser’s web inspector to view the styles applied to the <h3> and the <em> tags (if existent).

The <h3> is probably styled with a display of inline instead of block, or is floated left.

If the <em> tag does not appear in your web inspector, check your allowed_html in

But I have no problems with italic in References section, for instance! And yes, <em> tag is allowed in

We don’t use any custom CSS at all. At first we used default theme 3.0.2 - no problems with <h3> and italics. Then we switched to Manuscript - and problems appeared.

Here is the web inspector screenshot:

Note in the web inspector that the <h3>'s display of block is crossed out. Something is overriding that default. Scroll up to see what it is. Note the rule definition to determine an appropriate override which you will need to add in your own custom CSS to set the display back to block.

In your abstract, all HTML is being stripped, despite the allowed_html. What application and what version are you using?

We are using OJS on the following platform:
OS platform Linux
PHP version 5.5.38
Apache version Apache/2.2.22 (@RELEASE@)
Database driver mysql
Database server version 5.5.55

We completely disabled allowed_html and both problems with the theme disappeared :o Strange situation, we have to investigate its causes…

Hi @rkhalikov,
did you have success with taxa names in italic which is essential in Biology?

In the templates I found different places where the title of the article appears and different treatments of it:
Table of content (frontend/objects/article_summary.tpl): {$article->getLocalizedTitle()|strip_unsafe_html} shows the title with taxa in italic;
Article page (frontend/objects/article_details.tpl): {$article->getLocalizedTitle()|escape} does not show italic, therefor I changed it in my template to {$article->getLocalizedTitle()|strip_unsafe_html} as above;
Article page How to cite (…my…/citation.tpl): {$article->getLocalizedTitle()|strip_unsafe_html} shows italic;
Article page References (frontend/objects/article_details.tpl ) : {$article->getCitations()|nl2br} shows the references as a whole. If the taxa in the title of the references are entered with <em> tags, then italic is visible;
HTML TITLE, METADATA (I did not search for the file): the tags (<em>) are visible. Because this is not necessary, it could be removed from my point of view.

Now I have the next problem with taxa names in the abstract! However, I had no success using the same considerations as above. Are the abstracts handled totally different?

Hi, Eckhard!

Actually after disabling allowed_html we have no problems with italic at all without any tpl modifications - all <em> tags work by default.

The only problem - article title on the article page, default view looks like this:

Now I modified article_details.tpl according your advice - here is the result:

Hi @rkhalikov,

so you are now more happy than me!

Disabling allowed_html in is not working for me (and perplexing too …).
Can you please show an example of an abstract with kursiv taxon?

Best wishes

Yes, please:


Is it also possible to have underlined words?
Which template are you using?

Thanks in advanced

Yes, no problems with this:

We use default theme + Manuscript theme, no custom css and templates. I just modified some places for top menu and static pages links in submenu “About”. Our first journal on OJS 3.0.2 will be published online in the beginning of May.

Hi everyone,

I have two related issues and perhaps you are able to help me out:

Issue 1
Abstract title and abstract content merge with each other (as @rkhalikov’s issue 1). We are currently upgrading from OJS2 to OJS3, and in our OJS2 database one-paragraph abstracts do not start with <p> and end with </p> (these are texts without any HTML-formatting); that’s why the abstract content does not start in a new line in OJS3 using the manuscript theme. Is there a workaround for that, something for which we do not have to edit all the back issues’ abstracts one by one?


Issue 2
If Keywords extend to more than one line, there is too large space between the two lines. A simple solution would be to start the keywords in a new line after the label “Keywords:”, but I have no idea how to do that in CSS.

And perhaps a comment to the very-nice-looking manuscript theme @NateWr for consideration: currently the keywords are not formatted as <h3> although they are textual elements (giving more details about the submission) similar to the abstract formatted as <h3>. Was there any specific rationale to have the words “Keywords” and “Abstract” formatted differently?

Thanks very much!

Hi @czirfusz,

Issue 1 sounds like a problem with the data upgrade process, that maybe should have added <p> tags. I’m not sure I’ve got a good workaround for you now, but someone might have a simple SQL script that would accomplish this for you.

Issue 2 I’ve filed here and I’ll try to get it fixed for the next version.

I think you’re right that keywords should be a <h3>. I’ve filed an issue here and will try to get it fixed for the next version.

(In the future, it’s best if you start a new thread for new issues.)